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Civil Society Forum – Tirana 2023 - Preliminary Agenda

The Civil Society & Think Tank Forum 2023 (#CSFTirana2023) is scheduled to take place on the 14th and 15th of October in Tirana. This forum is being organized by the Open Society Foundation – Western Balkans, acting under the mandate of the Government of Albania, which currently holds the Presidency of the Berlin Process. The event is a collaborative effort between OSF-WB, the Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Policy, and the Cooperation and Development Institute.

#CSFTirana2023 holds significant importance as it seeks to establish a platform for constructive and inclusive dialogue involving various stakeholders. This includes civil society representatives, public authorities, EU representatives, donors, and others from both the Western Balkans and EU member states. The primary objectives of CSF Tirana 2023 are to facilitate the exchange of best practices and the development of policy recommendations. These recommendations are intended to promote regional cooperation, accelerate EU-related reforms, and provide support for the accession process of Western Balkan countries.

The forum is structured around seven thematic working groups, each led by civil society organizations from the Western Balkans region. These working groups have initiated discussions on crucial topics, which encompass energy, access to the European single market, digitalization and connectivity, climate and the green agenda, mobility and migration, security and geopolitics, and the politics of enlargement. These groups have actively engaged in a comprehensive consultation process, involving civil society and regional experts, to collaboratively formulate policy recommendations.

Moreover, the organizers of #CSFTirana2023 and the thematic working groups have been actively involved in advocacy efforts directed towards Western Balkan governments, EU Member States, and regional and international institutions. The outcomes of these advocacy initiatives will be presented during the Civil Society and Think Tank Forum, which precedes the Leader’s Summit.

This forum promises to be a crucial platform for constructive dialogue and collaboration aimed at advancing the interests of the Western Balkans and fostering positive developments in the region.

The agenda of the Civil Society Forum – Tirana 2023 | “Unlocking Progress: The European Future of the Western Balkans”.

Agenda of Civil Society Forum - Tirana 2023

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