Key Recommendations of the Thematic Working Group on Mobility

These recommendations stem from the consultation process held in the framework of the Thematic Working Group (TWG) on Mobility led by SCiDEV. The TWG deliberated on how enhanced cooperation and sustained support in mobility-driven R&I are pivotal for equipping the WB6 with the requisite tools and knowledge to address shared challenges, such as climate change and digital transformation, while curbing brain drain and fostering a generation of innovators who can reshape the region's future. Over the summer of 2023, four consultation meetings were held, bringing together a multi-disciplinary group of stakeholders (43 participants), including representatives from universities and research centres, intergovernmental organisations, civil society organisations, think tanks from the Western Balkans countries (WB6) and the EU. A final public consultation event was held in September hosting 55 participants as well as a presentation at the Joint Science Conference of the Berlin Process. The findings and recommendations were validated during advocacy visits in Berlin, Brussels and networking events in Sarajevo and Munich in September 2023.