“Reclaiming Democracy, Europe and Social Justice”

24 November Venue: Kino Kultura

Arrival of Participants (Hotel Holiday Inn, Skopje)

Opening of the Civil Society Forum Skopje

“Generational Talk: Are the WB Countries Still ‘Social’?”

  • Conversation on Social Justice and Social/Activist Engagement
  • Are the WB6 Countries “Social States” in their Constitution Only?
  • Discussing New Modes and Possibilities of Social Engagement

Knut Fleckenschtein MEPo
Jelica Minic
Niccolo Milanese
Sanya Arsovska

Moderated by Niccolo Milanese (European Alternatives)

“Making a Point”: Recap of the “Generational Talk”
Bojan Marichic (MCET), Hedvig Morvai (EFB), Felix Henkel (FES)

Concert of Zlatko Origjanski and Arben Beni Shaqiri
Dinner served during opening session 


25 November Venue: Kino Kultura

Arrival and Registration

Intro Session – “Reclaiming the Terms, Re-Engaging Civil Society”
Vedran Dzihic (BIEPAG)

Group Work 1: Where Are We Now/Where Would We Like to Go?“
Nine (9) working groups

Coffee break and Refreshment

12:00-13:30 Agora Discussion 1 – “Reclaiming Democracy”

Uranija Pirovska
Una Hajdari
Jovana Marovic
Borisa Mraovic
Gazela Pudar Drasko
Besjan Pesa

Moderated by Dona Kosturanova (MOF) and Tobias Flessenkemper (CIFE)

13:30- 15:00 Lunch

15:00- 16:00
Reality check: “Reclaiming Social Justice“
Inputs by GLASNO and KUC Tekstil 

Group Work 2: “Future Action Strategies for the Civil Society on Democracy, Europe and Social Justice”

17:30-18:00 Break

Critical Guided Tour: “Skopje 2014 Kitsch Tour”

19:30-22:00, Venue: MKC (dinner served during the session)
Dinner/Night Owl Session: “Artists ‘Living’ the Struggle for Human Rights” – Macedonian “Wonder Women” in the Fields of Arts and Activism

Rumena Buzharovska
Simona Spiroska
Sonja Ismail Ognenoska

Moderated by Xhabir Deralla

”Every artist, every scientist, must decide now where he stands. He has no alternative. There are no impartial observers.”– Paul Leroy Robeson


26 November Venue: Kino Kultura

Presentation of the Conclusions from Group Work 2 
Plenary discussion / finalization of the results

11:00- 11:30
Closing Session: “What is Next? From Skopje to Tirana – the Process Continues” 

Coffee Break

Agora Discussion II: “Reclaiming Europe” (Media Coverage)

Ms. Lence Ristoska, Special Prosecutor’s Office, Spokesperson 

Mr. Nikola Dimitrov, Former Ambassador in USA

Mr. Vedran Dzihic, BiEPAG

Moderated by Milan Zivkovic (FES) and Svetlana Siljanoska (JEF Macedonia)

Lunch and afternoon departures