What happened to the Plenums in Bosnia? How is the Colourful revolution evolving in Macedonia? What is the future of solidarity in the Balkans? July 4th 2016 we were at the Civil Society Forum of the Western Balkans Summit Series in Paris discussing about all these with members of civil society organisations that work every day to improve democracy in the Balkans.

Lorenzo Marsili

Dane Taleski, PhD in Political Science and Researcher (Macedonia)
Dona Kosturanova, president of Youth Educational Forum
Meliha Bajramovic from the Civic Plenum Zenica (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Móra Veronika, Òkotárs Foundation (Hungary)

Ségolène Pruvot
Niccolò Milanese
Marta Cillero

Camera operators:
Meidhy Bichon
David Guerson
Céline Latapy

Paul Bessot

Civil Society Forum Paris 2016

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