At the recent Civil Society Forum meeting in Trieste over 200 participants took part in five parallel workshops to elaborate regionally significant topics: environment, energy and climate change; communications of the Berlin Process in the time of rising populism and the possible roles of civil society; migrations and strengthening the role of civil society; the British Presidency of the Berlin Process at the time of Brexit; and media and journalism in the Western Balkans.

The workshops’ conclusions include possible answers to some of the most interesting questions, for example: how the strategic approach to communicating the Berlin process should look like, what are the problems related to migration management or what the role of the United Kingdom will play in the Balkans in the light of Brexit. All the conclusions are available here.

The Civil Society Forum was held on July 11 and 12 in Trieste in the framework of the Western Balkans Summit. On the first day, besides the topics of the workshops, the participants discussed issues such as the state of democracy, the role of civil society, international relations, creative industries and many others. On the second day, civil society representatives presented the Forum’s policy recommendations to officials from the region and from the European Union. The Western Balkans Summit Declaration by the Italian Chair reflected the recommendations of the Civil Society Forum.

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